Rights of tenants in mobile home parks

If you live in a mobile home or manufactured home park, there are certain additional protections that apply to you. If you feel your rights have been violated call the Manufactured Homes Program at 1-800-432-4210.

Limits on Rent Increases

New York law limits how much a manufactured home park owner can increase your rent, including the lot rent and any fees or utilities.

  • In most cases, rent increases are limited to 3%, but park owners can raise the rent up to 6% if the increase is determined to be “justifiable.”
  • If your park owner asks for a rent increase that is more than 3%, you can challenge the increase in court. The judge will determine whether the increase is justifiable.

Rent-to-Own Protections

  • If you are entering into a rent-to-own agreement with a manufactured home park owner, they must provide you with a contract that clearly describes:
    • The terms of the contract.
    • Any and all fees, rent, or other charges due during the life of the contract.
    • The fair market value of the manufactured home.
    • The responsibility of the manufactured home park owner to cover major repairs and improvements during the rental period.
    • All leases must include a rider regarding tenant rights.
    • Every rent-to-own contract must state that until the title to the property is transferred, you are occupying a rented home. It must also state that until that time, the park owner is responsible for keeping your home in habitable condition; making all major repairs and improvements; and keeping it free from conditions that would be dangerous to your health and safety.
  • Once a year, you are entitled to an itemized account of all payments that you made in relation to the rent-to-own contract.
  • If your lease is terminated by the park owner, the owner must pay back all of the rent-to-own payments that you paid in addition to any lot and/or home rent

If you feel your rights have been violated, or have questions, you can search for a legal aid organization in your area here.